A Common Symptom: Indigestion Chest Pain

There are different areas that can be affected when indigestion hits, such as the stomach, chest and indigestion back pain. Each of these areas is affected by different causes of indigestion and should be discussed with the family doctor so that any more serious issues can be immediately addressed so as not to cause additional health problems by allowing the issue to remain. Indigestion chest pain is one of the more common symptoms complained about by individuals who suffer from indigestion since many of the causes of indigestion reside in the upper stomach area and esophagus.

Causes Of Indigestion Chest Pain

There are different causes that might have the symptom of indigestion chest pain, such as peptic ulcers. Some peptic ulcers will reside in the upper stomach area and also in the esophagus, which will cause indigestion chest pain. These ulcers are open sores that develop for a couple of different reasons. One cause can be because of high use of pain medication such as aspirin or ibuprofen products which can be hard on the lining of the esophagus and the stomach. Another cause is bacteria, the Helicobacter pylori. Either cause must be treated with a change in diet or medication usage and also the symptoms treated so that the ulcer does not worsen.

Another cause of indigestion chest pain that is most common is heartburn. Heartburn is usually caused when the acid of the stomach comes back up into the esophagus, causing the discomfort and pain. This can be caused by eating too large of a meal, eating too many acidic foods at a time, or from a valve condition where it does not shut all the way in the esophagus and allows the acid from the stomach to come back into the throat, causing discomfort and often nausea as well.

Gastritis is another cause of indigestion chest pain in some individuals. Gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach lining, which can be caused by pain relief medication usage or the bacteria that causes the peptic ulcers. Gastritis can also be caused by drinking too much alcohol. The indigestion chest pain that is caused by gastritis is usually more of a burning pain as opposed to a sharper pain in the chest area. Again, gastritis can often be solved by a change in eating and drinking patterns, as well as limiting the intake of pain relief medications. Sometimes this is not enough to solve the issue and more serious medications must be taken to help with the symptoms.