Acid Indigestion Remedy: Herbs Offer Real Hope Of Salvation

The most commonly used acid indigestion remedy is taking of antacids. However, this is more of a short term remedy because over the long term its use can lead to addiction which is not good for you. It would in fact be far better to think about using a natural acid indigestion remedy since there is little if any risk of over-dosing or becoming addicted to the remedy. An herb too can provide a useful, safe and effective acid indigestion remedy, especially as there are many benefits to be obtained from use of herbs.

More Susceptible To Acid Indigestion

In the present scenario, people are becoming more affected by acid indigestion than at any time in the past because from foods being sold in supermarkets to junk foods there are so many different ways of eating the wrong foods that are sure to cause bouts of acid indigestion.

When acid indigestion becomes a persistent problem you will be forced into trying various different kinds of acid indigestion remedies including making changes to your diet. If these simple solutions do not work then you will need to have a doctor check your condition and prescribe a more suitable acid indigestion remedy for your particular condition.

Herbs are effective when used in an acid indigestion remedy because they are far safer than taking antacids. These herbal remedies ensure that you are not affected by toxic substances which is a major problem associated with taking of man-made non-prescription medications. What’s more, herbs have a lot of potency and so you can expect quick relief though at the same time it is also necessary to check with your doctor to know how to use the herbs in a safe manner.

Among the better herbal acid indigestion remedies you can include Slippery Elm that is an excellent digestive tonic that works well for treating acid indigestion. Another option is licorice, especially DGL licorice that can be chewed and is in fact a natural antacid. Mint too has many beneficial properties that besides preventing and treating acid indigestion can also help in prevention of development of dangerous stomach ulcers.

Another and rather simple acid indigestion remedy is to check out steamed cabbage which contains glutamine that has a very soothing effect on stomach irritations. It also pays to look for other acid indigestion treatment options including conventional medications that can help provide relief. The first line of defense, especially when symptoms are mild, is using over-the-counter medications which will provide immediate relief. However, in case the symptoms occur frequently you will need to get a doctor to prescribe stronger and more effective medications.