Acid Reflux Indigestion: Different Solutions For Different Ailments

There is of course a notable difference between acid reflux and indigestion. The former that is also commonly referred to as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (or GERD for short) is a type of condition that involves liquids from a person’s stomach refluxing into their esophagus. This is different to indigestion which simply refers to a problem with digesting your food properly.

Acid Reflux Indigestion: Older People

Another point of difference between acid reflux and indigestion is that the former condition affects people in an older age group while indigestion can affect the old and young alike. People that have become rather old will generally need to take antacid products and some of the effects of antacids can lead to exacerbation of the acid reflux problem even though when you get older the amount of acid being produced in your body decreases and so on the face of it should not cause you acid reflux problems.

As a matter of fact, a certain amount of acid must always be present in the stomach and the stomach also needs to get sufficient nutrition in order to protect its lining. A common mistake made by many people is to try and turn off production of stomach acid in order to solve the acid reflux problem. However, treating acid reflux or indigestion by taking medicines that shut off production of stomach acids is not the real solution even though you will get immediate relief from the burning sensation caused by acid reflux.

It is far better to solve acid reflux and indigestion problems through use of natural medications and to also improve the functioning of the digestive system through consumption of the required enzymes. In addition, you will also do well to sip warm liquids while at the same time avoiding eating cold foods that only prevent the digestive enzymes from functioning properly.

Another method that can be used to cure acid reflux and indigestion is to avoid taking coffee, cola, and aspirin based products as well as alcohol; at least till your stomach has healed after which you can consume these in limited quantities.

It is also necessary, at least when suffering from acid reflux, to use, for example, DGL licorice to heal the lining of the stomach which will lead to resolving symptoms of acid reflux, if not indigestion. There are times when there is too much acid present in the stomach. When this happens you could suffer from acid indigestion for which you would then need to look for suitable and effective acid indigestion home remedies. The simplest and often a most effective treatment for this condition is to simply eat light foods, or even fast for twenty-four hours. If these methods fail, then you would need to look further for more effective home remedies of which many will provide suitable relief.