Foods for Acid Reflux: To Eat and Not to Eat, That is the Medical Dilemma

One of the best ways to make sure that you don’t develop acid reflux or have it again is altering your diet. Although this might seem like a stretch, it is a stretch that is worth doing none the less. You don’t need to worry though because the diet changes are not as severe as the other changes that might be necessary for other diseases.

Don’t eat foods that are too spicy. Start lessening the amount of salt, pepper and hot sauce that you put in your food everyday. Don’t even think that a sachet of hot sauce might not possibly bring you any harm. Fatty foods should also be avoided.

You should also avoid foods that are too hot or too cold. If you are eating something that is too hot like a freshly cooked soup, better let it cool down first before eating. If it is ice ream on the other hand, make sure that you let it melt a little first. The idea is that you should not eat foods that might irritate your esophagus since in acid reflux; the esophagus is already damaged and is in a bad shape.

When it comes to drinks, you should not drink anything that contains alcohol, coffee and citrus juices. This decreases your intake thus decreasing the acid level of your digestive system.

These foods on the other hand cause very little heartburn and they are good for the body. If you can’t stop eating sweets and adding a little bit of extra flavor to your salad, consider using fat free salad dressings and eating fat free cookies.

If you are looking for substitutes to eating meat since you cannot eat anything that is fatty, then you might want to consider fat free tuna and turkey. Nowadays, eating fat free foods is not that hard and is not that bad. A lot of groceries are offering fat free foods that actually taste good. You just have to make an effort to find them. You can even ask people for the best fat free products that they are aware of.