Pregnancy 101: Handling Pregnancy Induced Acid Reflux

It is normal for pregnant women to feel uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. However, even if these symptoms are unavoidable, you can still do something about them. One of the pregnancy symptoms that you can do something about is pregnancy acid reflux. Here are some ways that can help you cope up with the said symptom.

Although pregnancy acid reflux symptoms are similar to the symptoms of a mild acid reflux disease, it does not mean that they can both be treated in the exact same way. One big difference is that patients who are not pregnant can be given NSAID’s or anti-inflammatory drugs at any given time. Another major difference is that normal patients can go through the normal medical operation called the Endoluminal Gastroplication. This operation is guaranteed to cure acid reflux disease. Pregnant women should not go through this operation because their pregnancy is already a big risk.

Another thing that you should remember about pregnancy acid reflux is that the best way to treat it is by using natural, non-pharmacological ways. Lying on their side when they are about to sleep can help manage the pain and discomfort caused by pregnancy acid reflux. Elevating the head from four to six inches can also do the same thing.

Pregnant women should also consider altering their diet. They have to avoid eating spicy, salty or fatty foods. They should also stay away from any acidic substances such as foods that have sugar or any form of alcohol. They should not drink or eat anything that has caffeine. Pregnant women should also lay off foods that are too hot or too cold if they want to prevent pregnancy acid reflux.

In line with changing the diet, pregnant women should also change the way they eat. They should eat small frequent meals instead of three big ones and a light snack on the side for a whole day. The main idea is to keep the stomach full without generating additional acids that can only worsen the acid reflux.

The best way to deal with pregnancy acid reflux is by going to the doctor. Not only will he give some useful advice, the patient will also feel more relieved and relaxed.