Don’t Overeat And There Won’t Be An Acid Indigestion Problem

Acid indigestion is commonly referred to as sour stomach as well as upset stomach and it pertains to a condition that leads to feeling discomfort in the abdomen and which usually occurs following a bout of eating of too much food. Some of the more common acid indigestion symptoms are fullness of the abdomen, belching as well as heartburn. The last named is a symptom of acid indigestion that usually occurs in conjunction with an upset stomach.

Burning In The Chest Region – That Is Acid Indigestion

Heartburn causes sensations of extra warmth as well as sometimes of burning in the chest region. This pressure and burning can last for as long as a couple of hours and is especially noticeable whenever a person bends, lies down or eats certain kinds of foods including spicy sauces as well as some citrus fruit juices.

Many people suffer from the symptoms of acid indigestion on a more frequent basis and these symptoms can and do adversely affect the duodenum as well as the stomach lining and when both of these are adversely affected it can cause other problems including ulcers that can then threaten the patient’s life. It is also necessary to differentiate between acid indigestion and heartburn because the latter is a condition in which symptoms revolve around an aggravated esophagus while the former affects the abdomen.

One of the most oft cited reasons for development of acid indigestion is eating foods that contain excessive fat though spices as well as excessive intake of caffeine as well as alcohol too can lead to acid indigestion. Smoking as well as overeating and even eating at late hours of the evening too are commonly associated with onset of acid indigestion.

To get relief in the short term most people take antacids though at the same time they run the risk of becoming addicted to these products and so it not recommended using antacids as a long term solution to acid indigestion. What is better is for you to ensure that you change your diet and follow better dietary habits; this can easily help prevent a bout of acid indigestion.

Treating acid indigestion with natural means is a better option and one that more and more people are choosing ahead of antacids as well as drug-based medications. There are several good herbs that can be used for a good acid indigestion remedy that can prove to be just as effective as any antacid and in addition can be taken without fear of suffering from side effects that normally develop when taking medicines or antacids. There are certainly more benefits to using natural treatment methods and so those are the ones that you should try before thinking about drugs.