Examples Of Severe Heartburn Symptoms

Severe heartburn symptoms require medical attention and you should know when you need to see a doctor and when you need to take some Rolaids. Being able to identify the signs and symptoms of heartburn and how severe the condition is are important if you are frequently having problems.

What Are Signs Of Severe Heartburn Symptoms?

Many Americans and people around the world suffer from heartburn. A very small percentage of these people have a serious condition that can result in major medical problems if not treated. For the rest heartburn is an everyday fact of life, but if you are one of the many that think you may have severe heartburn symptoms you need to take a look at what you are feeling and make sure that it is not something more then simple heart burn.

Severe Heartburn Symptoms

Severe heartburn symptoms include an intense burning sensation that runs from the stomach to the throat and generally only lasts a few seconds. There are some obvious things that separate this severe heartburn symptoms from the general run of the mill heartburn. The first is the pain sensation. Intense pain means any pain that causes a debilitating feeling. Generally people with this level of pain will grab their chest and nearly collapse. In addition to this the other important thing to note is how long the pain lasts. Obviously pain this severe that continues for a while is something to be looked at, but because it only lasts a few seconds many people will simply overlook it. It is key that if you are feeling something like this on a regular basis you talk to a Doctor and get their input.

The next thing that will require immediate medical attention is regurgitation. If you are throwing up after severe heartburn symptoms it is a sure sign that something far worse may be going on. Most people who have acid reflux do not throw up when they have an attack, if you do seek medical attention.

Lastly if you have a sore throat and hoarse voice you need to talk to a Doctor. This condition could be cause by a build up of acid within your vocal chords and lead to permanent irreversible damage. If you experience any of these severe heartburn symptoms, contact a Doctor right away. They may be able to significantly help you in the treatment of your symptoms and possibly even cure you outright, but you will never know unless you talk to them.