Heartburn and Pregnancy Symptoms – What Does It Mean?

If you are having heartburn pregnancy symptoms combined it could be a good sign that you are in deed pregnant. Many times people will ignore these heartburn pregnancy symptoms thinking they are nothing more than the effect of strong Mexican food, however the truth is these severe heartburn symptoms can cause significant problems and stress. There are couple of things that are unique to heartburn pregnancy symptoms that you need to look for.

Causes And Effects Of Heartburn Pregnancy Symptoms

Many times people will know that heartburn pregnancy symptoms indicate pregnancy, but have no clear understanding what the causes are or what can be done to prevent it. For the most part the heartburn pregnancy symptoms in the early stages will come from hormonal changes. These changes can be difficult to control and are usually not easily treatable. You should try to avoid foods that seem to trigger the heartburn pregnancy symptoms. This can have a dramatic effect on the condition, but there is not fast and ready one true method of treatment.

Heartburn pregnancy symptoms later in the term are much easier to be treated. These are usually not cause by hormones but rather by the baby. The growing child will exert pressure on a pregnant womens organs, and this includes the stomach. This added pressure causes acid reflux and will result in the pregnant person experiencing the effects of acid reflux. Treatment for this includes eating smaller meals and staying upright for at least an hour after eating.

This does not mean that you should eat less, but rather that when you do sit down and have a meal try to make it as small as possible. It is healthier for you and your baby anyway if you eat smaller meals many times over. In addition to that by sitting up you cause the baby to rest lower and the food to digest more quickly. Laying down is not recommend in normal conditions, but when 5 or more months pregnant is definitely not a good idea. By doing these two things you can drastically improve the condition of your heartburn symptoms.

As you can see in some cases there is something you can do to help with your heartburn. The best thing you can do in addition to following what is outlined above is talk to your doctor and see what they say about treating your indigestion problems. Many times there are non toxic treatments they can recommend. Antacids and other non medical treatments can offer relief to your problem, but as always consult with your doctor first. One of the other benefits of many antacids is that they use calcium carbonate, which breaks down into calcium when digested. Calcium is something that both you and your baby need to grow healthy.