Heartburn Remedies – From Around The Globe

Many people like natural remedies for heartburn because they don’t involve taking possibly dangerous heartburn medicines. If you were to travel the world, you would find that people in other places use different methods to eliminate heartburn. These remedies may seem odd to us, but after checking with your doctor, you can try a remedy for heartburn from somewhere around the globe and see if it works for you. Though you may have heartburn (ugh!), you can learn about other cultures around the world, and maybe find a new method – a natural remedy – for treating your heartburn.

African Heartburn Remedy

In the Congo, they treat heartburn with ginger. Crush the ginger and mix it with mango-tree sap. This creates a juice used to treat many things. It is called Tangawisi juice. If you don’t have any Tangawisi juice handy, instead try a cup of ginger tea to help with your digestive ailments. Ginger tea is considered to be a big help with both nausea and indigestion – especially in the Congo.

China To Egypt To Brazil…

A common remedy for heartburn that you might want to try is using cinnamon. For thousands of years it has been considered a very valuable spice because of its healing properties. It is less expensive now than it was then, but it still can work as a remedy for heartburn.

When In France…

If you were in France and had indigestion or heartburn, you would reach into your refrigerator for your bottle of mustard. Mustard has be in use as a remedy for heartburn for a long time – it was even taken along on Spanish explorations years ago. All it takes is a teaspoon of yellow mustard – and you can be free of your heartburn.

Basic “Heartburn Remedies” – Preventative Measures

As they say, easier to avoid than cure – or something like that. If you are prone to getting heartburn, you might want to try some of the preventative measures you can take to avoid getting heartburn in the first place. Be sure your food is thoroughly cooked, and that you chew your food well. Get exercise, as that will help your body function better, even in terms of digestion. Drink more water. And try chewing a piece of gum after you eat to help increase your saliva. These may seem like common sense, but perhaps you’ve been neglecting one or more of them. Reinstating them into your everyday habits may help keep you have having heartburn at all.