Not Just One Acid Indigestion Home Remedy; But Several Ones Can Be Tried Out

Acid indigestion is a condition that is symptomized with feeling pain in the stomach, experiencing bloating of the stomach as well as feeling acidity and some amount of heartburn as well. Usually, such a condition arises after having eating an especially large meal or because gas has built up in the stomach leading to the stomach cramping up. Fortunately, there are a number of acid indigestion home remedies that anyone can try in order to get immediate relief.

Acid Indigestion Home Remedy – Drink Mink Essence

The first and simplest acid indigestion home remedy is to drink mint essence. Next, you can simply make it a point to eat regular as well as well-spaced out meals and eat only when you feel very hungry while at the same time ensuring that you eat less than what you feel like eating.

Another simple acid indigestion home remedy is to limit the amount of liquid you consume, especially when the liquid is being taken at the same time as when eating solid foods. In addition, when eating you must slowly chew on the food and in as relaxed a manner as possible. You can also benefit from another simple acid indigestion home remedy which is to ensure eating plenty of greens as well as whole grain carbohydrates while at the same time restricting consumption of refined carbohydrates such as white flour and Maida. In addition, you need to avoid eating fried foods as well as spicy foods or spices.

Sometimes milk can cause indigestion and so a simple acid indigestion home remedy is to avoid consuming milk or even milk products. Other than this, you can also solve milk related acid indigestion through consuming a tablespoon of lime juice taken with a small amount of water. Even sipping some hot water can provide relief from discomfort caused by acid indigestion. A half cup full of fresh pineapple or some pomegranate juice is known to help provide relief from acid indigestion. Mint as well as fennel leaves too can be used for making herbal teas which when consumed will provide relief from the burning sensations caused by acid indigestion.

People also worry about getting relief from heartburn and indigestion. The former is generally characterized by feeling pain behind a person’s breastbone that continues toward the throat. Such burning sensations are usually caused because of digestive juices spilling into the throat where it causes irritation to the esophagus that does not have sufficient protection. Indigestion of course refers to a problem with the digestive system and it leads to belching and bloating and even upset stomachs.