The Causes of Indigestion Back Pain

Indigestion is an issue that can affect many people at one time or another in their lives. One of the more common causes of indigestion is over eating, which almost everyone is prone to do at some point in their lives. When overeating spicier foods, which are more acidic, there is often heartburn that is caused, which will sometimes require antacid tablets to be taken to reduce the acid in the stomach and prevent more acid from coming up into the esophagus causing the pain. There are other issues that normally will cause indigestion pain in the stomach or chest area, but in some people will cause indigestion back pain for the same causes.

Typical Indigestion Back Pain Issues

Indigestion back pain is most often caused by gallstones. These stones are made up of cholesterol or calcium salts that will deposit themselves in the gallbladder or in the bile ducts near the gallbladder. Sometimes these stones will be there for years without causing any problems at all, while at other times they can cause high amounts of pain, often indigestion back pain, until the stones are passed out of the body. Depending on the severity of the pain, there is sometimes not any treatment needed for the gallstones, while at other times, more serious steps will have to be taken to eliminate the stones from the body and relieve the pain.

Although stomach cancer is not very common in the United States, there can be some symptoms of stomach cancer that can manifest themselves in indigestion back pain in some patients. Although not as common as gallstones, the indigestion back pain can be caused by the tiny amounts of internal bleeding that can be caused by the start of a stomach tumor. As with any chronic pain, getting a doctor to check for any serious problems should always be a first step to getting a resolution to the symptoms. Stomach cancer is usually detected when there is blood in the stool, which may only be able to be seen by testing it, not seen by the naked eye.

There are other stomach issues that can cause pain, but it is usually not indigestion back pain, but rather in the chest or stomach area. Peptic ulcers are one such cause of this type of pain, as well as gastritis and heartburn such as acid reflux. These conditions can often be resolved by the individual changing his diet plan, so as to reduce the size of meals and also reduce the amount of acidic foods in the diet.