Typical Causes of Indigestion Stomach Pain

Indigestion typically causes abdominal pain in most individuals, in some cases the pain is worse than others, depending on the cause behind the pain. Often the solution for the indigestion stomach pain is to change the individual’s diet, so that the meals are smaller or the amount of acidic foods eaten each day is reduced. In other cases, drinking alcohol may be the issue behind the indigestion stomach pain and the individual must get help to stop the drinking. Sometimes the cause behind the pain can be taking too much pain relief medication which is very hard on the lining of the stomach, such as aspirin or ibuprofen. In those cases the pain relief medication must be changed to something that is less wearing on the stomach.

Changing Habits To Avoid The Indigestion Stomach Pain

As mentioned above, if the indigestion stomach pain is caused by heartburn, then there are several solutions to the problem. One solution is to eat smaller meals, which means that the individual will eat more meals during the course of the day, but each meal will be a small portion of food so that the stomach never gets over filled. In addition, the types of foods that are eaten should be monitored so that spicy foods are not eaten, at least not regularly, in addition to high fat foods, which can cause the indigestion. In some people, caffeine and carbonated beverages can also exacerbate the problem, as well as alcohol, which was mentioned above.

In addition to changing the diet, a healthy exercise plan should be implemented to help to reduce indigestion stomach pain. There is a two-fold reason for this. First, it helps the individual to get down to or to maintain a healthy weight. When there is too much fat on the body, it pushes on the stomach area and causes the acid in the stomach to come up the esophagus after eating. In addition to maintaining a healthy weight, exercising also helps to reduce stress for individuals, which can also be the cause of indigestion.

As with any change to a person’s lifestyle, exercise and diet plans should be thoroughly discussed with the person’s physician to make sure there are not any more serious issues to deal with and to ensure that the diet and exercise plan fits that person’s needs.

If these changes do not help to fix the indigestion stomach pain, then the doctor should be consulted again to check for some more serious issues such as gallstones, peptic ulcers or stomach cancer.