A Few Good Reasons Why Peptic Ulcer Surgery Becomes Necessary

Most people try and treat peptic ulcers through use of drugs. However, in certain instances these drugs prove to be ineffective while in case you discontinue taking the drugs you will also risk suffering a relapse of the condition and so you need to find a more permanent solution to your peptic ulcers. There are basically two main types of peptic ulcers that need to be treated: gastric or stomach ulcers and duodenal. It is possible to undergo peptic ulcer surgery for those gastric ulcers that will not heal through use of various medical treatments and such surgeries can be performed without putting the patient’s health at any great risk.

Recurring Gastric Ulcers Might Require Peptic Ulcer Surgery

Most people need to go in for peptic ulcer surgery whenever they find that their bouts of gastric ulcers recur, especially after having stopped taking their medications. In the case of chronic duodenal ulcers there is often risk of scarring at the place where the stomach empties it out and this scarring will then hinder the stomach from emptying it out. This is when you will need to undergo peptic ulcer surgery to remove the scarring.

If your peptic ulcers bleed then this too is a strong reason why you would need to get emergency peptic ulcer surgery done and the same is the case whenever your peptic ulcers burst through the walls of your stomach and in the process give rise to a condition known as perforated peptic ulcers.

To get peptic ulcer surgery done requires that you have to be first admitted to a hospital – a day before the operation. And, after the surgery has been performed you will need to spend at least a week to ten more days in the hospital and in addition you will need to take a month off from work so as to recuperate properly.

You need to watch out for certain complications that can occur following your peptic ulcer surgery. These complications include infections in your chest, and thrombosis or blood clotting in your veins and sometimes the ulcer might even recur even after having had your stomach nerves severed.

After being discharged from hospital following completion of your peptic ulcer surgery you will as mentioned need to spend a week to ten days in hospital and then you have to rest at home for another month.

Duodenal ulcers are obviously those ulcers that occur in the part of your small intestines that is otherwise referred to as the duodenum. This is the part that is attached to your stomach at its (stomach’s) upper end and whenever the lining of this upper stomach area becomes wounded it leads to ulcers that affect your duodenum which causes much pain and discomfort.