A Guide To Gastric Ulcer Treatment

Gastric ulcer is a weakness in the walls of intestines or stomach, causing discomfort and pain. In some cases, it can also tear open, bleed or cause the blockage. Though it is possible to treat this ulcer with the help of medication and self-care at home, in rare cases, surgery might be required. Gastric ulcer is more common in older age groups, and there are many factors that lead to development of ulcers. Some of the most common symptoms of gastric ulcers include pain in the upper, central part of the abdomen, dull-ache, sharp, gas-like, throbbing, cramping etc. But, you may get pain in any part of the abdomen.

Gastric Ulcer Treatment

In normal stomach, there is a balance between many protective factors such as bicarbonate and mucus secretion, pepsin and acid secretion. When aggressive factors overcome the protective mechanisms, the imbalance leads to gastric ulcers.

Diet plays the most important role in gastric ulcer treatment, and it should be arranged in a way to provide the adequate nutrition. The ideal diet for gastric ulcer treatment should provide rest to the disturbed organs so that the continuous neutralization of the gastric acids is maintained. The diet must also reduce the irritation of the stomach ulcer by providing a coating to the lining.

Too much alcohol, stress, hot spicy food and smoking are most likely causes of gastric ulcers. If right treatment is given on time, the gastric ulcers can be totally cured within three months after diagnosis. But if gastric ulcer treatment is delayed, it can lead to intestinal bleeding and many other complications.

If you have been diagnosed with the gastric ulcer, you can either try the ulcer medications, or go for other means of gastric ulcer treatment such as ayurvedic diet. This diet recommends drinking a glass of milk and eating a banana after every meal, as these both have the tendency to neutralize the acidity.

Other foods that help in gastric ulcer treatment include eating raw and boiled vegetables, cream, butter, calcium enriched products and other fruits. There are certain ayurvedic massages that can be used for gastric ulcer treatment. Having a regular massage can help you de-stress, and can do wonders to your personal sense of balance.

H2 blockers reduce the amount of acid made by stomach, and proton pump inhibitors modify the production of acid by the stomach by stopping the acid pump. Mucosal protective agents protect the mucous lining of the stomach from the acid, and gastric ulcer can also be treated with the help of antibiotics.

If you have perforated gastric ulcer, it requires immediate medical attention. Doctor will take the X-ray of the stomach area, and immediate surgery might be required.