Duodenal Ulcer Pain Varies From Dull To Sharp To Penetrating To Burning

People that suffer from duodenal ulcers will complain about a variety of discomforts among which duodenal ulcer pain is a very real one that in fact needs to be dealt with at the earliest. Of course, there are many individuals that are also asymptomatic while others have to deal with severe complications including hemorrhages of the gastro-intestinal tract. It is however possible to generalize the ill-effects of duodenal ulcer and among these are duodenal ulcer pain that can be sharp or dull or penetrating and even burning.

Duodenal Ulcer Pain And Hunger Pains

Accompanied by duodenal ulcer pain, patients can also suffer from hunger pains and it is believed that about twenty to forty percent of people complaining about duodenal ulcer pain will also experience bloating and belching and even certain symptoms related to gastroesophageal reflux.

Furthermore, duodenal ulcer pain is most often experienced about two to three hours following consumption of a meal and it can be severe enough to wake you up from deep sleep. The reason why the duodenal ulcer pain occurs two to three hours after eating is that it is at this time when acid is produced and if the production exceeds acceptable limits, it can cause damage to the duodenum and cause associated pain.

In fact, as many as between fifty and eighty percent of patients suffering from duodenal ulcers will also experience duodenal ulcer pain at night and this is far higher percentage than the estimated between thirty and forty percent of gastric ulcer patients that suffer from nightly ulcer pain.

One way of relieving duodenal ulcer pain is to eat some food and another fact related to duodenal ulcer pain is that it is a pain that is episodic though in few instances this pain can become chronic and it can even occur on a daily basis.

If you have been experiencing duodenal ulcer pain and find that the pattern of your pain has changed then you must treat this change as being very serious since it may portend to being something more serious as well as complicated.

Till very recently, the real cause of gastric and duodenal ulcers was believed to be excessive production of stomach acids that in turn is brought on by increased stress, alcohol consumption, smoking as well as poor diet. However, about a decade and a half ago the cause was actually found to be quite different – Helicobacter pylori bacteria, to be exact.