Most Bleeding Ulcer Causes Can Be Prevented

The Helicobacter Pylori bacteria that are found in the stomach and can cause the development of a stomach or duodenal ulcer cause ulcers. Acid secretions also add to the problem that helps the formation of ulcers. Bleeding ulcer causes, besides the H. Pylori bacteria can often be avoided or greatly minimized. For many years, the medical world held the view that bleeding ulcer causes were mainly stress and diet, but today we know it is bacteria that cause inflammation and eventually ulcers. Stress and diet are additional bleeding ulcer causes.

The body has natural defenses, through which it tries to protect the stomach, but this does not always work and that is when an ulcer forms. The stomach produces chemical bicarbonate that counterbalances the digestive fluids. The stomach also generates a mucus coating to work as a shield for the stomach lining.

The blood plays an important part in protecting the stomach through circulation and the repair and renewal of cells. It must be noted that a serious side effect from ulcers are bleeding ulcer anemia that negatively affects general health. This is a continuous loss of blood that the body is unable to replace.

Bleeding Ulcer Causes That Can Be Avoided

Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen sodium, while useful drugs; can cause the stomach to be vulnerable to pepsin and acid. When the body’s defenses start failing, these drugs become bleeding ulcer causes. The reason is that these drugs prevent the stomach from producing the needed bicarbonate and mucus.

Stress is no longer classified as one of the bleeding ulcer causes, but people who have ulcers report increased pain when they are under stress. Smoking is another of the bleeding ulcer causes that is totally preventable. Smoking greatly increases the change of getting an ulcer as well as slowing down the healing process of an existing ulcer. Although caffeine cannot be completely blamed as one of the bleeding ulcer causes, it contributes.

Food and beverages that contain caffeine are known to stimulate the acid secretion in the stomach. Alcohol cannot directly be categorized as one of the bleeding ulcer causes. However, ulcers are more common in people with heavy alcohol consumption. It is important that people realize that by taking better care of their bodies, they can minimize the bleeding ulcer causes. Bleeding ulcers are dangerous and can lead to far reaching problems, so prevention is far better than cure.