Perforated Duodenal Ulcer Is A Life Threatening Condition

Perforated duodenal ulcer is fortunately a rather uncommon type of disease in children. However, in the case of adults this is a disease that is more prevalent. In the event that a person is diagnosed with perforated duodenal ulcer the normal treatment method to cure the condition is surgical operation. One such surgical method that is widely used to treat this condition, laparoscopic surgery gives rise to a lot of controversy.

Use Of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs May Be Cause By Perforated Duodenal Ulcer

Perforated duodenal ulcer can often be caused by taking of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and in the case of the elderly population the risks are even more pronounced. Furthermore, a vast majority of patients suffering from perforated duodenal ulcer are believed to have a prior history of smoking as well as alcohol abuse and they may also have suffered from extreme stress. Furthermore, these patients are more susceptible to infection from the duodenal ulcer causing bacteria H. pylori.

Many of the patients that suffer from perforated duodenal ulcer are those that come from urban and upper middle class background and about ten to twenty percent of people that develop duodenal ulcers will go on to suffer from perforated duodenal ulcer which in turn is caused by a condition known as chemical peritonitis and in few hours following the development of chemical peritonitis there is also a risk that the patient will then develop bacterial infection.

Perforated duodenal ulcer can prove to be a life threatening condition and so the earlier the condition is diagnosed the better are the chances of survival. The good news is that today many more effective medications have been developed that help in lowering the amount of acid in the duodenum and this helps to prevent further damage from perforated duodenal ulcers.

Of course, in a majority of cases perforated duodenal ulcer is treated through surgeries and with laparoscopic surgery in particular. In any case, various kinds of surgical operations are available that can be used to cure perforated duodenal ulcer. These operations can be as simple as closing the wound(s) or they can be more complicated though today because today there are so many new and more advanced and effective medications are available to cure perforated duodenal ulcer, there is less need to go in for surgery.

Though not widely used, it is also possible to use homeopathy for affecting duodenal ulcer treatment. In fact, if you are looking for a more cost effective, safe and useful method of treatment then why spends thousands of dollars on conventional treatment when homeopathy can provide all the right answers for a fraction of the cost?