Where To Get Natural Relief for Heartburn

If you’ve got heartburn, you want relief. Heartburn hurts! But taking prescription medicine comes with potential side effects – like diarrhea, constipation, and nausea. Even over the counter medicine has its down sides. Some forms of medicines can only be taken for a short time, or the relief only lasts for a half hour or so. Many people prefer to use a form of natural relief for their heartburn, rather than deal with drugs and medicines.

Foods To Avoid

First of all, there are foods that make heartburn more likely to occur. Having heartburn doesn’t mean you can’t ever have these foods again, but your consumption of them is something to consider if you do tend to get heartburn a lot. So, what are those foods?

There are foods that can relax the opening between the stomach and esophagus – these should be avoided before going to bed. They include peppermint, chocolate, and chamomile tea. Other foods that are more likely to lead to heartburn are foods that are fried and foods that are fatty. Also, foods and drinks with caffeine in them are more likely to cause heartburn.

Which Foods Help Relieve Heartburn?

One form of natural relief for heartburn is to be more careful about what you eat. Foods like bread and rice are good, as they do not cause acid reflux.

You should also eat more of the foods that help promote digestion. Foods like carrots, apples, green beans, and potatoes all help with digestion. Other natural foods that provide relieve from heartburn include pineapple juice, oranges, lemon juice, grapes, and yogurt.

There are also spices that can help relieve heartburn naturally. In many places, cinnamon is known for helping digestion. Drinking a tea with cinnamon in it, or even just drinking cinnamon water can help. Clove water is also used in many places, as is a tea made from ginger. Other spices used for a natural relief from heartburn include cumin and aniseed, mixed with water as well.

Baking soda is commonly used for natural relief from heartburn. Mixing just a small amount – like a teaspoon or so – of baking soda with water can relieve heartburn for several days.

Other Than Foods…

Another option to help relieve heartburn very naturally is to simply have a cold bath! Though it might come as a surprise to you, many people find this method helps with heartburn, so it can be worth trying.

Finally, removing clothing that is tight around the abdomen can help, as pressure on the stomach can increase the risk of heartburn.