Perforated Peptic Ulcer Is A Very Painful Condition

Perforated peptic ulcer is a condition that is not easy to bear up to as it generally means that you will have to endure extreme and severe as well as constant and even sudden onset of pain that can make your life very unbearable. In order to get relief from such pain patients need to take high amounts of analgesics which help to allow them to settle down. When the doctor examines you to identify what is causing your perforated peptic ulcer problem he will notice that you will look very ill and you will generally be laying very still and will experience and have to endure considerable pain. Your breathing will become shallow which can make you feel even more ill.

Flat Abdomen And It’s Co-relation To Perforated Peptic Ulcer

When the doctor inspects you he will have to establish why the perforated peptic ulcer condition causes your abdomen to become flat and why there is no rise or fall in the abdomen when you breathe out and in. In addition, he will notice that your perforated peptic ulcer condition leads to palpation and percussion as well auscultation in which the patient continues to hear bowel sounds for up to six and twelve hours after the pain of perforated peptic ulcer first began.

Another characteristic of perforated peptic ulcer is that it causes chemical peritonitis instead of bacterial peritonitis – at least when the condition is in its initial stages. The management of perforated peptic ulcer requires that the doctor makes the patient’s mouth nil and uses analgesics as well.

In most cases, treatment of perforated peptic ulcer requires undergoing surgery in which case the surgeon might have to sow up the duodenal ulcer and in case there is both perforation as well as bleeding the correct measure is to use what is known in medical parlance as Billroth II partial gastrectomy.

It is believed that there is between five and ten percent mortality rate associated with perforated peptic ulcer and people that are aged over seventy years of age and who suffer from this condition will not have a very good chance of surviving.

People that suffer from peptic ulcer pain require immediate treatment because the pain being felt is generally very sharp and severe and there is also much discomfort felt in the upper regions of the abdomen. The pain that is felt is generally described as being either gnawing or burning by nature. Typically, such pain starts about sixty minutes after consumption of a meal.